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Re: jde + emacs-w3m problem

>>>>> "JC" == James Cox <James.Cox@NDCHealth.com> writes:

JC> I had to modify jde-help.el.  I think w3m was choking on the file
JC> url - I believe that this was a problem with w3m, not jdee, so I
JC> never submitted this.

JC> I changed the line in jde-file-to-url from:
JC>     (format "file://localhost/%s"
JC> to:
JC>     (format "file:///%s"

JC> everything seemed to work fine after that...

JC> hope this helps someone, Jim

I did this too, except I simply redefined `jde-file-to-url' in my
.emacs.  Would it be straightforward to make that format string a user