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Re: Patch to emacs-w3m

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.05920]
>>>>>	"Jose A. Ortega Ruiz" <jao@abra.uab.es> wrote:


> i look forward for your contribution, and hope too that it will be
> incorporated to w3m... it the meantime, if katsumi agrees with us,
> it'd be nice to incorporate my simple fix (assuming it's really a fix)
> for the sake of current users (potentially) having problems with the
> jde/w3m combo: what do you think, katsumi? :)

I've installed your patch in CVS.  JDE and emacs-w3m are safe
now. ;-)

P.S. Now I'm writing vm-w3m.el which supports cid urls and
doesn't require changing VM 7.17.
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>