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Re: nnshimbun problem with nytimes.com

* You wrote:
| You need to define two additional variables in sb-nytimes.el as
| follows:
| (defvar shimbun-nytimes-content-start "<[\t\n ]*NYT_TEXT[\t\n ]*>")
| (defvar shimbun-nytimes-content-end "<[\t\n ]*/NYT_TEXT[\t\n ]*>")
| These variables are used in order to extract only the body of
| articles.  I confirmed that your module works fine only by
| adding these. :)

Thank you, it works now.  But I have one other small problem with it.
I don't really understand when articles are marked read and when not.
Sometimes I read an article, then I leave the summary buffer, then I
press 'g' to check for new news and I get the same article again
marked as 'unread' in the nytimes group.  If I enter the nytimes group
with 'C-u', I get the same article twice, or sometimes even more
(depending on how many times I have read it).

I will try to find out today what causes this, but any help on it is

Thanks again,

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