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Re: vm-w3m.el


Probably I had misunderstanding about the multipart/related
content-type.  I've uploaded the revised version as:


Where I've made the following change:

<< (defun vm-mime-display-internal-multipart/related (layout)
<<   "Decode multipart/related body parts.
<< If the type of the ``start'' part (see RFC2387) is text/html, this
<< function only decodes it and other parts are decoded by emacs-w3m.
<< Otherwise, it decodes all parts in order so that they may be the
<< multipart/mixed type contents."

>> (defun vm-mime-display-internal-multipart/related (layout)
>>   "Decode Multipart/Related body parts.
>> This function decodes the ``start'' part (see RFC2387) only.  The
>> other parts will be decoded by the other VM functions through
>> emacs-w3m."

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>