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bmk-mgr (was: Re: Persistent emacs-w3m sessions)

On Sun, Apr 11, 2004 at 05:08:44PM +0200, Clemens Fischer wrote:
> thanks.  but what are these `bmk-mgr-*' functions?  google doesn't turn up
> anything useful on the problem of keeping bookmarks into files and HTTP
> links alike in the same file.  is this what `bmk-mgr-*' are for?  then i'd
> like to have a pointer to a copy of this jewel  :)

bmk-mgr is a (yet unpublished) package of mine that implements a
bookmark (in the http link sense) manager. i love emacs-w3m, but
w3m's bookmark manager is, imho, quite limited. thus, i
implemented a generic one providing, inside emacs, the
standard tree-like bookmark list you find in most browsers.
bmk-mgr relies on the browse-url api, and is intended to work with
any browser, not just emacs-w3m.  although i use it on a daily
basis, i guess it's still in beta... but if you feel like trying it, be my
guest :): i'm attaching it in a tarball. just untar it, add the
directory to your emacs load path and (require 'bmk-mgr). it's started
with 'M-x bmk-mgr-show-bookmarks'. i'm afraid it's not yet documented, but
typing '?' in the bookmarks buffer will give you a list of available
commands, and a sample dot-emacs config file is included in the tarball.
otoh, i think that its usage is quite straightforward... a functionality
you may find interesting is bmk-mgr's ability to import xbel files.

if you try it, any comment/critique/suggestion/whatever will be _very_
welcome :)

> i wonder why you don't do your customization "the simple way", ie.:
> [...]

just a matter of personal taste :) your customisation should also work,


p.s. i keep bmk-mgr in an arch archive. for those in the know, you can
grab it with

   tla register-archive jao@gnu.org--2004 http://tao.uab.es/jao/archives/2004
   tla get jao@gnu.org--2004/elisp--bmk-mgr--0.1


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