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Re: bmk-mgr

* 2004-04-13 Jose A. Ortega Ruiz:

> p.s. i keep bmk-mgr in an arch archive. for those in the know, you can
> grab it with
>    tla register-archive jao@gnu.org--2004 http://tao.uab.es/jao/archives/2004
>    tla get jao@gnu.org--2004/elisp--bmk-mgr--0.1

i just tried this and got the version specified.  now i would like to know
(i) how to get the latest version (equivalent to "cvs up"), (ii) how i can find
out which versions exist and (iii) how to get a specific version.

so far i've only dealt with "cvs" and learning "arch" will take some
time.  i noticed, though, that emacs-sources carry arch-tags.