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Re: wrong html bpart coding

news://news.gnus.org/gnus.gnus-bug (Gnus のバグリポートの掲示板)

charset=windows-1251 なる text/html パートを含むメールが読めない
実はぼくも CVS head の Emacs (+Gnus +emacs-w3m) で読むと、キリル

^?_?o?b?l ?c?a?_?U?h?]?k?e ?[?U?b ?]?P ?`?k?]?Z?U!

しかし XEmacs 21.4.15 だと
問題の記事を liza.msg.gz として添付します。

>>>>>> In <ufn02oc278.fsf@d-fens.example.com>
>>>>>>	"Ilya N. Golubev" <gin@example.com> wrote:

>> `windows-1251' coding system is implemented in xemacs.  However, when
>> displaying the attached article (it was saved by
>> `gnus-summary-save-article-file') as entire, its html body part is
>> displayed as raw text, not as `windows-1251' one.

>>>>> In <b9ylli83u10.fsf@jpl.org> 山岡 wrote:

> There's no help, but I could look at the text/html part in
> question decoded correctly using XEmacs 21.4.15, Gnus and
> emacs-w3m[1].  Isn't it a problem that Emacs/W3 doesn't support
> such a charset?

> [1] http://emacs-w3m.namazu.org/index-en.html

> ;; I found another problem, it cannot be decoded with Emacs and
> ;; emacs-w3m.  I'll go to the emacs-w3m community...

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