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Re: Similar latin-iso8859-1 chars not displaying

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07093] 
>>>>>	"Robert J. Chassell" <bob@rattlesnake.com> wrote:

> Ah!  I updated the CVS and that problem vanished.

I was relieved to hear of it. :)

> However, as a
> result of the update I have discovered another problem, which is that
> I cannot convert emacs-w3m-ja.texi to Info format using GNU Texinfo
> 4.7 because "@bL is not handled by texinfo".

Please keep in mind, the makeinfo command which comes from GNU
Texinfo is not supporting Japanese from beginning to end.  So,
we designed the emacs-w3m Makefile so that Emacs does format the
Japanese Info.  You don't seem to need it, though. ;-)

FYI, the `install-en' entry for `make' installs the Lisp modules
and only the English Info.