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Re: display html patch


>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07150] 
>>>>>	TSUCHIYA Masatoshi <tsuchiya@namazu.org> wrote:
> Hi,

> >> On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 01:34:32 +0200
> >> hsh@freecode.dk (Henrik S. Hansen) said as follows:

> >(w3m-ucs-to-char codepoint) returns 126 regardless of the integer (I
> >tried with a few -- 17, 110, 78, 160).  This is Emacs 21 with mule-ucs.
> >Emacs 21 without mule-ucs returns the integer itself, unless it's 160 or
> >above, it seems.

> >Since I use the console, full unicode fonts are not available.  I can
> >display only a subset -- iso-8859-1 and some cyrillic fonts, I
> >believe.

> I think that your font environment is insufficient to display Unicode
> characters.  If you prepare enough fonts to display Unicode characters
> and use an appropriate terminal which supports Unicode characters,
> emacs-w3m will display them as many as possible with Mule-UCS or
> Emacsen itself.

I had just tested html entity with emacs-w3m.

 cf http://www.stained-g.net/shinichiro/char-entity.html
 ;; Sorry Japanese only, but you could read entity. (-;

I am using Debian Sarge for this test, all programs are debian

Emacs-w3m : w3m-el_1.4.3-1

 o On the Console with
   jfbterm_0.4.6-1  (ISO-2022 terminal on console)
   emacs21_21.3+1-7 (set-terminal-coding-system 'iso-2022-jp-2-unix)
   environment: LANG=ja_JP.eucJP
   commands: jfbterm, emacs, M-x w3m,
            U http://www.stained-g.net/shinichiro/char-entity.html 

   - result : OK! but small probram with y+umlaut
     cf. http://www.stained-g.net/shinichiro/images/e-w3m-jfbterm-entity.png
        (1024x768 4.53M)
         (394x254 788K)

 o On the X Window (KDE) with
   emacs21_21.3+1-7 (set-terminal-coding-system 'iso-2022-jp-2-unix)
   environment: LANG=ja_JP.eucJP
   commands: mlterm --fontsize=14 --bg=[...] [...],
             emacs -nw, M-x w3m,
             U http://www.stained-g.net/shinichiro/char-entity.html 

   - result : OK!
     cf. http://www.stained-g.net/shinichiro/images/e-w3m-mlterm-entity.png
         (392x268 5.82K)

 o On the X Window (KDE) with
   emacs21_21.3+1-7 (set-terminal-coding-system 'utf-8)
   environment: LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8
   commands: uxterm +lc,
             emacs -nw, M-x w3m,
             C-x C-m t utf-8-unix,
             U http://www.stained-g.net/shinichiro/images/e-w3m-xterm-entity.png
             (336x346 3.73K)

   - result : OK!
     cf. http://www.stained-g.net/shinichiro/images/e-w3m-uxterm-entity.png

  o On the X wintow with
    *rxvt, rxvt-ml, kterm, *aterm, Eterm

   - result : NG..

I had also tested with XEmacs 21.4.15, the result is almost same.
(but no need to set terminal-coding-system)


  Shinichiro HIDA  mailto:shinichiro@stained-g.net
  GPG fingerprint = 5F2D 1656 FFF6 F691 A51C  5E61 E416 D398 470C 1CE9