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Re: Minor error in info file

Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan@isical.ac.in> writes:

> There is a minor error in your info documentation. In the section
> dealing with downloading files the info file suggest putting the
> point/cursor on the link and then pressing `D'. This does NOT download
> the file under point. By doing C-h m (describe-mode) I found out that to
> download I should press `d' , not the upper case letter as written in
> the info documentation. This error was there in version 3-85 an  even
> now in the version 4.0.

Hmm... I wrote this section and it appears to be correct in this
respect, it does mention the letter `d'.  Furthermore, as far as I can
tell, there is no version 3-85 of emacs-w3m, and no version 4.0 either.
The latest emacs-w3m version is version 1.4.3.

Could you please give us more details about your emacs-w3m installation?
In particular, if the documentation has been patched by a GNU/Linux
distribution, we would like to know.


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