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Re: Losing textareas; want incremental backup

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07274] Andy Glew wrote:

> I love emacs-w3m! It's a joy compared to doing twiki in Internet
> Explorer.

> However....  I have several times lost fairly large edits, using
> emacs-w3m. Leading to two separate suggestions:
>    (1) about emacs-w3m's handling of textareas

I've registered to twiki.org and left a footmark in the
EmacsW3mBugDemo page. :)

>    (2) about having emacs-w3m create backups for textareas
>        being edited.

I understood what troubles you.  The possible workaround is to
edit text in another buffer outside of the textarea and to copy
it into the textarea whenever you need to preview it.  However,
I'm not satisfied with such a way too.  I will discuss how to
improve it with the emacs-w3m team.