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Configuring emacs-w3m to display charset correctly


I recently upgraded my desktop to SuSE 9.2 and ran into some problems with w3m
and emacs-w3m.

I found that even when using an iso10646-1 font for my xterm or Emacs, w3m
wasn't displaying fonts correctly.

SuSE 9.2 was setting my LANG environment variable to "en_US.UTF-8", which
broke some other utilities, so I unset LANG everywhere.

This still wasn't sufficient.  I had to the following to get w3m working in an

        - Start w3m using "w3m -v"
        - Enter "o" to get to the options page

        - find the Display Charset option.  It will probably be set to
          "Unicode (UTF-8)".  Select the "Raw Text" option from the menu.
          Scroll options to the bottom and select the [OK] button to save.

        - Verify that ~/.w3m/config contains the line "display_charset Raw".

But even with this change, emacs-w3m still doesn't display fonts correctly.

I had to also customize the w3m-output-coding-system to 'raw-text to get fonts
to display correctly there.

Is there some reason why emacs-w3m doesn't see the ~/.w3m/config file?  If it
makes any difference, my X defaults contain these settings:

      Aterm*font:     -adobe-courier-medium-r-normal--*-140-*-*-m-*-iso10646-1
      Emacs.Font:     -adobe-courier-medium-r-normal--*-140-*-*-m-*-iso10646-1
      XTerm*font:     -adobe-courier-medium-r-normal--*-140-*-*-m-*-iso10646-1

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