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Re: Configuring emacs-w3m to display charset correctly

* 2005-02-16 Ted Stern:

> SuSE 9.2 was setting my LANG environment variable to "en_US.UTF-8", which
> broke some other utilities, so I unset LANG everywhere.

well, i'm using an UTF locale and an UTF capable terminal emulator (urxvt
here).  to be able to display frames, i installed the latest w3mmee (a patched
w3m) with output charactersets utf-8 as well.  the following got me going:

  URxvt.font: -misc-fixed-bold-r-normal-*-14-130-75-75-c-70-iso10646-1,\

  w3m-command              "/usr/local/bin/w3mmee"
  w3m-output-coding-system 'utf-8

all this on a very recent emacs-cvs, emacs-w3m-cvs and libmoe-1.5.8 +
w3mmee-p24-22 on freebsd-5.  libmoe is w3mmees intermediary between all the
charactersets out there (~ iconv).

> I had to also customize the w3m-output-coding-system to 'raw-text to get
> fonts to display correctly there.

my reasoning was this:  set everything to utf-8 and let w3mmee handle
everything, especially the HTTP encoding headers for my unicode/mule emacs.
i'm not sure why katsumi says "raw-text" is dangerous, but i feel more
confident with these settings.