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Re: Shimbun backend for FFII

At Wed, 23 Feb 2005 20:18:51 +0900,
TSUCHIYA Masatoshi wrote:
> Sorry for my late reply.

No problem - thanks for taking care of the module.

> Finally, I have just committed sb-ffii.el to our CVS repository with
> small changes: (1) renaming groups

I'm not so happy with the naming.  Here's a new proposal:

en.software-patents           (news.software-patent.en)
en.software-patents.ffii      (news.software-patent.ffii.en)
en.information-infrastructure (news.information-infrastructure.en)
en.project                    (news.project.en)
de.software-patente           (news.software-patent.de)
de.software-patente.ffii      (news.software-patent.ffii.de)
de.informations-infrastruktur (news.information-infrastructure.de)
fr.brevets-logiciels          (news.software-patent.fr)
fr.brevets-logiciels.ffii     (news.ffii.software-patent.fr)
nl.softwarepatenten           (news.software-patent.nl)
nl.softwarepatenten.ffii      (news.software-patent.ffii.nl)

Note that at the FFII we try to make content available in people's
language of choice.  This includes names of things, and that's why I put
the country IDs at the beginning.  In addition, I left away the "news"
token - it's superfluous.

> (2) removing redundant methods, 

Thanks for taking care of that.

> and (3) removing my name from author field.

Well, you also have contributed to the module, but it's your choice.

Felix E. Klee