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Re: From newbie: problems with installation of w3m

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07695] Rodolfo Medina wrote:

> After some difficulties, in the end I managed to install
> emacs-w3m in my system, but still can't view images within html mails,
> with gnus.

Displaying of images of which data aren't embedded in mails is
restrained by default.  You will be able to see images tagged
with ``<img src="cid:...">'' in the raw article, but ones tagged
with ``<img src="http:...">'' can't be looked.  It is mentioned
in the Info manual; type:

M-x info RET d m Emacs-w3m RET m Gnus RET C-s Notes

Also the way to enable to see all images is there.  That is:

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I don't recommend to do that, though.  Instead, how about the
use of the following program being written on the same Info
page?  I sometimes type `C-u C-i' in the summary buffer to look
at all images in the mail sent from Amazon. ;-)

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