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Re: Mouse-1 clicks in Emacs 22

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07708] Romain Francoise wrote:

> The only drawback is that it is not possible to bind S-mouse-1 to
> `w3m-mouse-view-this-url-new-session', because S-mouse-1 already pops up
> the font selection menu.  One still has to use S-mouse-2.

I tried altering `mouse-drag-region-1' so that it may recognize
the event modifier `shift', and failed.  On the contrary, even
to re-map S-mouse-1 to `w3m-mouse-view-this-url-new-session' is
impossible.  It might be prohibited to change such basic keys.
Although it is not a solution at all, we can use the following
instead. ;-p

(define-key w3m-mode-map [C-S-mouse-1] 'w3m-mouse-view-this-url-new-session)

> What would people think of using mouse-2 to do that instead?  If mouse-1
> follows links, it appears logical to use mouse-2 to do something else
> and in other browsers (like Mozilla), mouse-2 does exactly that (it
> opens a new tab).  That would of course be only the case in Emacs 22.

> Comments?

Well..., I think people who esteem consistency might dislike it,
though I don't mind about it so much, if anything, I'm regrettable
in losing of it.  Please decide what to do for it. ;-)