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Re: Problems with refresh

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07712] Elias Oltmanns wrote:

> I've noticed that on some webpages emacs-w3m doesn't refresh although
> w3m does if I use it stand alone. Unfortunately I can't give you the
> link for tha page I have in mind because access is restricted to that
> page. However, it has a refresh time of 598 secs which obviously is
> not the kind of thing emacs-w3m bothers to do accordingly.
> Are there different methods for implementing refresh tags in the web
> pages? Btw, w3m-use-refresh is set to t.

> Please tell me what I can do to investigate this problem further.

What version of Emacs or XEmacs and emacs-w3m are you using?
An easy way to get them is to type `M-x report-emacs-w3m-bug'.

There's a known problem that XEmacs other than the most recent
version doesn't run the timer function correctly, and it will
cause a malfunction on refreshing.  Even if you are using such a
version of XEmacs, emacs-w3m which is newer than v1.3.6 fixes
the problem.