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Re: html images still not viewed in gnus

Okay, I believe you've done your best.

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07773] Rodolfo Medina wrote:


>> Can you see this image?

> I could see the image on my mail server website, before downloading it,
> and I can see it very well in MS Outlook (which I'm still using expecting
> to migrate to gnus); instead, when I downloaded your message via gnus
> I couldn't see the image. In its place the following line appears:

> [cid]

> Any idea?

Move the cursor there and type `C-h c t'.  Does the following
result appear in the echo area?

t runs the command w3m-safe-toggle-inline-image

(You may use `M-x describe-key-briefly RET t' instead.  If you
have modified the `w3m-key-binding' variable into `info', use
`i' instead of `t'.)

And then, type the `t' key (or the `i' key).  Doesn't the image