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Re: Bug(s)? in current emacs-w3m cvs

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org> wrote:
> I've changed the default bindings in the Info-like map as follows:
>     c -> none
>     y -> w3m-print-current-url
>     Y -> w3m-print-this-url
> This change was chiefly based on TSUCHIYA Masatoshi's opinion.
> He wrote: we value the symmetry of keys in the Info-like map,
> that is, commands allocated to the capital letter and the small
> letter were related mutually as much as possible.  For example:
> It is better to apply the same idea to that change.

Yes, I had already guessed that from TSUCHIYA Masatoshi's original
mail. I was going to say that the choice of c and C instead of y and Y
might be more intuitive but in the meantime I realised that C- is used
as a prefix key already.

Thanks for clarification anyway.