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Re: Bug(s)? in current emacs-w3m cvs

>>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07743] Elias Oltmanns wrote:

>> However, I discovered a key binding in the info like set
>> up which seemed a bit odd to me and so I thought it might be
>> appropriate to apply the following small patch:

>> --- w3m.el~	2005-02-27 01:06:43.000000000 +0000
>> +++ w3m.el	2005-02-27 01:07:48.000000000 +0000
>> @@ -6327,7 +6327,7 @@
>> -    (define-key map "c" 'w3m-print-this-url)
>> +    (define-key map "c" 'w3m-print-current-url)

> Thanks for pointing it out.  I'll place that problem on the
> discussion board in Japanese.

I've changed the default bindings in the Info-like map as follows:

    c -> none
    y -> w3m-print-current-url
    Y -> w3m-print-this-url

This change was chiefly based on TSUCHIYA Masatoshi's opinion.
He wrote: we value the symmetry of keys in the Info-like map,
that is, commands allocated to the capital letter and the small
letter were related mutually as much as possible.  For example:

    (define-key map "d" 'w3m-download)
    (define-key map "D" 'w3m-download-this-url)
    (define-key map "e" 'w3m-edit-current-url)
    (define-key map "E" 'w3m-edit-this-url)

It is better to apply the same idea to that change.