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Re: html images still not viewed in gnus

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07829] Rodolfo Medina wrote:

> I can see straight away the first two images; I can also see the second two
> *if* gnus was opened during connection, without doing `T' or `C-u T',

Because of the value of the `mm-w3m-safe-url-regexp' variable.

> whereas I can't see them if gnus is opened off connection even if I do
> `T' or `C-u T'. (In my .gnus.el the `mm-w3m-safe-url-regexp' variable 
> is set to 'nil'.)
> I've done a certain nuber of tests now, and comparing my gnus
> with MS Outlook I can say:

> 1) some html images are viewed as well in Outlook as in Gnus;
> 2) some appear within gnus without background colour;
> 3) some appear "broken into pieces" within gnus;
> 4) some don't appear at all within gnus, and in their place there is:
>    '[cid]' and remains so even if I do 't', 'T' or 'C-u T'.

> Do you guys from emacs-w3m mailing list think we can be content with this?

> I'll be sending Katsumi types 1), 2) 3) and 4).

I received five messages, however there was not type 1.  But
it's okay.  I analyzed them as follows:

type 2
Message-ID: <MBBBJFILCHONLINKEBBKGEBHCMAA.romeomedina@libero.it>
There are two images.  One is shown, but the reason the other is
not shown is that it seems to be a background image.  There is
no way to show text transparently over such an image in Emacs.

Message-ID: <MBBBJFILCHONLINKEBBKIEBHCMAA.romeomedina@libero.it>
There are three images.  The reason two gif images are not shown
seems that libungif doesn't support the data structure used in
them.  For instance, xv which is an old image viewer doesn't
support it but netpbm does.  The third jpeg seems to be a
background image.

type 3:
Message-ID: <MBBBJFILCHONLINKEBBKCEBHCMAA.romeomedina@libero.it>
All five images were displayed in my system.  Even if they are
not concatenated seamlessly, it cannot be helped for the moment.

type 4:
Message-ID: <MBBBJFILCHONLINKEBBKAEBHCMAA.romeomedina@libero.it>
Message-ID: <MBBBJFILCHONLINKEBBKEEBHCMAA.romeomedina@libero.it>
There is one image in each message.  The reason they are not
displayed is that the Content-Type header does not say that they
are images.

Content-Type: application/octet-stream;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-ID: <amsimg1.jpg>

Perhaps, it is a custom of MS Windows to judge based on the file
name what it is.