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emacs-w3m no longer supports old XEmacsen


In the CVS trunk, I made changes so as to make emacs-w3m not
support the XEmacs versions older than 21.4.17 or 21.5-b19.

The reason it is necessary is due to the fatal bugs in old ones.
One is the shy group regexp syntax which XEmacs of the version
prior to 21.4.17 doesn't handle correctly.  The others are the
timer functions and the call-process-region function.  Although
emacs-w3m used to offer the first-aid functions for the latters,
it seems that it is not worth keeping maintaining them.

So, I strongly recommend XEmacs users to upgrade your XEmacs to
the latest version (or to become an Emacs user ;-).  In addition,
you also have to install the latest packages, especially the
xemacs-base package which includes timer-funcs.el.