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Re: sb-scipy.el

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08482] Vishwanathan S V N wrote:

> Find attached a very preliminary version of
> sb-scipy.el which allows you to read scipy
> (http://www.scipy.org) mailing lists using shimbun
> (and wanderlust).

Thank you for the contribution.  It works fine, though Python is
quite unfamiliar to me.

> I am wondering if there is a way to make things more
> automatic i.e. ensure that I can read a new mailing
> list without having to cut and paste code. For
> instance the scipy mailing lists use stock standard
> mailman/pipermail interface and it feels a bit awkward
> that you need to write some (tiny amount of) lisp code
> in order to view the mailing lists.

Well, I'm not sure of what you really wish to do.  There are
currently 8 mailing lists available (Tsuyoshi CHO added four
extra lists which aren't listed in http://www.scipy.org/).  Are
they very fluid or are new lists often added there?  In other
words, does the sentence "you need to write some lisp code" mean
adding new list names to the shimbun-scipy-groups variable?
Nobody still has achieved to do it automatically as far as I
know, though.  (I'm wondering what you wanted to say is not
probably so, though.)

In addition, is the Reply-To address <listname@xxxxxxxxx> in
which Tsuyoshi CHO replaced `.org' with `.net' correct?