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Re: sb-scipy.el


Sorry for the late reply. I don't check my yahoo mail
quite often.

> > I am wondering if there is a way to make things
> more
> > automatic i.e. ensure that I can read a new
> mailing
> > list without having to cut and paste code. For
> > instance the scipy mailing lists use stock
> standard
> > mailman/pipermail interface and it feels a bit
> awkward
> > that you need to write some (tiny amount of) lisp
> code
> > in order to view the mailing lists.
> Well, I'm not sure of what you really wish to do. 

I want to be able to specify a new URL (not
necessarity scipy) which hosts a mailman archive and
be able to read it from within Shimbum and WL. In
other words, if you want to interface with a new
archive currently you have to create a new .el file
and add it to emacs-w3m. I am trying to say that it
should be automatic i.e. I just specify the home page
of the archives and a few other simple config flags
and the archive be available automatically.

I hope that is clear. if not please let me know.

> There are
> currently 8 mailing lists available (Tsuyoshi CHO
> added four
> extra lists which aren't listed in
> http://www.scipy.org/).  Are
> they very fluid or are new lists often added there? 
> In other
> words, does the sentence "you need to write some
> lisp code" mean
> adding new list names to the shimbun-scipy-groups
> variable?
> Nobody still has achieved to do it automatically as
> far as I
> know, though.  (I'm wondering what you wanted to say
> is not
> probably so, though.)
> In addition, is the Reply-To address
> <listname@xxxxxxxxx> in
> which Tsuyoshi CHO replaced `.org' with `.net'
> correct?

Yes that is correct. It was my mistake that it
appreared as .org.

BTW I am Mr (in fact Dr) S V N Vishwanathan :)


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