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Re: sb-scipy.el

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08501] Vishwanathan S V N wrote:

>> Well, I'm not sure of what you really wish to do.

> I want to be able to specify a new URL (not necessarity scipy) which
> hosts a mailman archive and be able to read it from within Shimbum
> and WL. In other words, if you want to interface with a new archive
> currently you have to create a new .el file and add it to emacs-w3m.
> I am trying to say that it should be automatic i.e. I just specify
> the home page of the archives and a few other simple config flags
> and the archive be available automatically.

> I hope that is clear. if not please let me know.

I seem to have seen what you meant.  I hit on three ideas to do
it.  Only the first idea is able to achieve for the moment.

1. Make sb-FOO.el module semi-automatically.  There's no group
   in the shimbun-FOO-groups variable initially.  A Lisp code
   for an example is attached in the end of this message.

2. Similar to 1, but the shimbun-FOO-groups variable will be
   filled with the existing groups.  It requires that mailman
   sites necessarily offer a table of mailing lists in some
   common format, e.g., a directory listing of the pipermail/
   directory (scipy.net does, but namazu.org doesn't).

3. sb-mailmans.el, though I'm not sure it really works with the
   shimbun framework.  It supports all the mailing lists
   archived in every mailman site.  What users have to do is
   only to customize the shimbun-mailmans-alist variable.  For

(setq shimbun-mailmans-alist
	 "scipy.astropy" "scipy.ipython-user" ...)
	 "namazu.kakasi-commits" "namazu.kakasi-dev" ...)))

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