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Re: sb-scipy.el

> 3. sb-mailmans.el, though I'm not sure it really
> works with the shimbun framework.  It supports all
the mailing
> lists archived in every mailman site.  What users
> to do is only to customize the
> variable.  For instance:
> (setq shimbun-mailmans-alist
>       '(("http://www.scipy.net/pipermail/";
> 	 "scipy.astropy" "scipy.ipython-user" ...)
> 	("http://www.namazu.org/pipermail/";
> 	 "namazu.kakasi-commits" "namazu.kakasi-dev" ...)))

Yes this is exactly what I was thinking of. Even
better, make this a customization variable of shimbum.
This way, as long as the site offers a common default
interface to mailman (like most of the sites do) the
user does not have to do anything at all. Just specify
the site and the names of the mailing lists. 

In the rare case that someone wants to interface to a
non-standard site they need to write lisp code for

I am not very good at coding elisp but I can
definitely help in testing such a module if someone
volunteers to write one. There are many mailing lists
which I currently track (or would like to track) and
this module would provide me with an easy to use


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