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Re: nnrss should borrow nnshibmun's RSS date processor...or something

>>>>> In <871wzlpkbf.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Mark Plaksin wrote:

> Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:

>> BTW, reading <http://feeds.feedburner.com/arstechnica/> using
>> nnrss gave me a hint.  Some articles contain html tags, e.g.,
>> <p>...</p>, <blockquote>...</blockquote>, even in the text/plain
>> parts (they are quoted like "&lt;p&gt;" in the xml source).
>> Perhaps we might need to render such contents properly.  I don't
>> have an idea how to do it, though.

> This brings me back to wondering about the utility of text/plain parts in
> RSS feed articles.

I might not be qualified for saying how text/plain parts are
useful, but

> I mean the "right" way to handle <p>, <blockquote>, and
> such is to render them as HTML which is what happens when you look at the
> text/html part.  You never know what HTML tags are going to show up in RSS
> articles so you have handle them all.

I realized it is effective to render even text/plain parts as
HTML if a user prefers to see them, and we will be able to call
it a bug that text/plain parts contain raw HTML tags.  So, I've
added the following variable (and the code).  Could you try it?

     Non-`nil' means that `nnrss' renders text in `text/plain' parts as
     HTML.  The function specified by the `mm-text-html-renderer'
     variable (*note Display Customization: (emacs-mime)Display
     Customization.) will be used to render text.  If it is `nil',
     which is the default, text will simply be folded.  Leave it `nil',
     if you prefer to see `text/html' parts.