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Re: nnrss should borrow nnshibmun's RSS date processor...or something

>>>>> In <87lkxwadgc.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Mark Plaksin wrote:

> Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:

>> I promise that I'll confirm and fix it within this week.

> No rush!  I just wanted to make sure I was clear.  Thanks for all of your
> work!

Now I can say there's a bug because Gnus cannot necessarily
convert ISO 8601 date into some formats using gnus-treat-date-*.
Moreover, timezone.el doesn't fully support ISO 8601 date even
in Emacs 22.  So, I've made change in nnrss.el so that it always
provides RFC822 date which Gnus should understand.  It is easier
than to make Gnus fully support ISO 8601 date.

P.S. I've also fixed the way to fill text/plain parts.