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Re: New user observations


>> On  Fri, 14 Apr 2006 18:38:11 +0200
>> larsi@xxxxxxxx (Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen) said as follows:

>1) Binding the left/right/up/down keys is something that few other
> Emacs modes do, and is highly surprising.

Because the default keymap of emacs-w3m is designed to simulate the
key bindings of original `w3m' command, left/right/up/down keys are
assigned to commands to jump anchors.

> If I want to move point down, I would guess that 97% of the users
> would naturally hit `down'.  When the cursor doesn't move down, then
> that's... odd.  I would humbly suggest that you leave those keys
> alone.

Actually, I had been also annoyed with it, and wrote the following
equation in ~/.emacs:

    (setq w3m-key-binding 'info)

This equation make the keymap of emacs-w3m simulate Info mode, which
is more familiar to Emacs power users.

Unfortunately, because the number of users who use the above setting
is quite small as far as I know, I cannot take it as default.

>2) emacs-w3m seems to be a bit too inquisitive.  Is it really
> necessary to ask "You are leaving secure page.  Continue? " every
> time you leave a secure page?  Has anybody ever answered "n" to
> that question?  If you're afraid that the user doesn't know whether
> they are on a secure page or not, then I'd suggest displaying this
> in a more obvious way then a few pixels being red on the menu bar.

It sounds a good idea, and I am going to consider it.

>Just first impressions.  :-)  I'm otherwise overjoyed at being able to
>really use Emacs for browsing the web.

I am very glad to hear that, and welcome suggestions and patches.

Happy hacking!

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi