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Re: CJK display

>> On 14 Apr 2006 15:10:23 -0700
>> kcho@xxxxxxxxxxx (Kin Cho) said as follows:

>I can't see CJK (http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/,
>http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/, ..) in emacs-w3m (w3m/0.5.1).  I can
>see Russian in emacs-w3m, and I can see CJK in gnus.

>I've included some variables I thought may be relevant.

Well, I think that your information is not sufficient for us to
identify the cause of your problem.

At first, you must check whether your environment has enough fonts to
display CJK characters.  For example, does the buffer which is opened
by `view-hello-file' command contain a square?  If it contains a
square, this observation means that some fonts are not installed in
your environment.


TSUCHIYA Masatoshi