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Re: CJK display

On 17 Apr'06 00:04, TSUCHIYA wrote:

> >> On 14 Apr 2006 15:10:23 -0700
> >> kcho@xxxxxxxxxxx (Kin Cho) said as follows:
> >I can't see CJK (http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/,
> >http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/, ..) in emacs-w3m (w3m/0.5.1).  I can
> >see Russian in emacs-w3m, and I can see CJK in gnus.
> >I've included some variables I thought may be relevant.
> Well, I think that your information is not sufficient for us to
> identify the cause of your problem.
> At first, you must check whether your environment has enough fonts to
> display CJK characters.  For example, does the buffer which is opened
> by `view-hello-file' command contain a square?  If it contains a
> square, this observation means that some fonts are not installed in
> your environment.

CJK looks fine in view-hello-file:

Japanese (ܸ)		ˤ, 
Chinese (,ͨ,)	
Cantonese (fy,sF)		, An
Korean (ѱ)			ȳϼ, ȳϽʴϱ

By the way, I'm running Fedora Core 4, and w3m displays
http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/ or http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ in an xterm
just fine.

However in emacs, w3m running inside "M-x term" has the same problem as



> Regards,
> -- 
> TSUCHIYA Masatoshi