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possible changes to w3m

I am considering implementing some additions to w3m.  What I would like
to add is the ability to fontify italicized and preformatted text.  I
know that this will require 2 additional passes over the buffer for
fontification, but I do not think this will slow things down much.  I
think these would be best implemented as an option that must be turned
on by the user, off by default.

My question is this: will this patch, all other things being equal, be
accepted as useful, or will it be rejected as superfluous cruft?  I
don't want to go through the time of doing this only to find out that
this issue has been hashed out in the past and it was decided that it
was unwanted.

Thanks for your time,

Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@xxxxxxxxxxx

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