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Re: possible changes to w3m

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:

>> I am considering implementing some additions to w3m.  What I would
>> like to add is the ability to fontify italicized
> The feature displaying of italic text has ever been requested for
> several times.  I once tried it, however it has not been achieved yet.
> I believe the first thing we should do is to appeal to the w3m (not
> emacs-w3m) developers to improve w3m so as not to ignore <i>...</i>
> tags.

I am not sure that I understand the source of emacs-w3m, but it looked
to me like it is searching out the tags and applying whatever
fontification is necessary.  Is this not the case?  I know that, as far
as w3m goes, the italic tag is a no-op, but I do not understand how that
affects what is done by emacs-w3m.  Please help me to understand.  Is it
the case that if w3m does not render a tag that emacs-w3m cannot do
anything with it?

>> and preformatted text.
> Hm, what is what we should do for preformatted text?

I would change the color.  My personal preference would be to handle it
the same way as font-lock-comment-face.  That way one could see that
there is something going on there, and when it is spoken by emacspeak I
can hear the difference.  The pre tag is rendered by w3m, so I think
this might not be a problem.  

>> I know that this will require 2 additional passes over the buffer
>> for fontification, but I do not think this will slow things down
>> much.  I think these would be best implemented as an option that
>> must be turned on by the user, off by default.
> I'm very interested in your work.  Could you please post your patch to
> this list?

As soon as I have something put together, I will be happy to do so.
My idea on this will probably not work.  I looked at the source and saw
the way bold text is handled.  It looks to me like when emacs-w3m
encounters the b tag it applies the fontification.  Because this has
been tried before, I must now assume that my initial idea was wrong.
I'll try to cobble something together tomorrow and test it for a bit,
then post it.

> (I will not be able to respond to messages quickly today.  Sorry.)

Not a problem.  It is almost time for bed here anyway.



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