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Re: Firefox style menu

>>>>> Katsumi Yamaoka writes:

 > > Thanks for this -- it would be useful to have a built-in
 > > w3m-reload-all-tabs command that could be bound to a key.

 > I was just considering that all menu commands should also be
 > accessible by the keyboard.

 > > Perhaps all tab commands could be put on a prefix key (say C-t),
 > > containing the same functionality as your menu; w3m-copy-buffer
 > > is an obvious addition.

 > That's a good idea.  I'll implement it sooner or later.

I had started to try and emulate some of the Firefox Tabbrowser
Extensions stuff in Emacs-w3m -- but didn't get very far due to lack
of time.  If you get the basics in place, I might be able to
contribute some extra functionality (changing the order of tabs,
undoing tab closure are a few things I find useful in Firefox, for