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Re: strange problem with w3m-truncate-string

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08789]
>>>>>	raloupower@xxxxxxx wrote:

> And I didn't find the autoload thing as you said in the mule-util.elc
> (but may be wrong)

The autoload cookie (i.e., ;;;###autoload) is only in
mule-util.el (it's mule-util.el.gz in Emacs 22 by default), not
in mule-util.elc.  All the autoload cookies should have been
parsed and put into the lisp/loaddefs.el file when building
Emacs.  You can find something like the following in that file:

(autoload (quote truncate-string-to-width) "mule-util" "\
Truncate string STR to end at column END-COLUMN.

Anyway, your Emacs seems to have been built very correctly.
Even so, if the `truncate-string-to-width' function doesn't
exist when you actually run Emacs, I guess you'd broken the
value of `load-path' using `setq'.  For instance, the following
way to modify `load-path' is dangerous.

(setq load-path

It is because you might have forgotten to put the directory
"/usr/local/share/emacs/22.0.50/lisp/international" there.  A
better way to add "~/elisp" to `load-path' is:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/elisp")