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Problems displaying edash in xhtml

Hello all:

In my attempt to have better integration with planner-mode, I have
switched to using the cvs version of emacs-w3m. However, I have problems
displaying endash (&#x2013) in xhtml documents (for example those on
http://www.emacswiki.org). My emacs-w3m coding system is set to
utf-8. The strange thing is that if I do a "C-uC-x=" on the misdisplayed
symbol, this is the output I get:
,----[ Output from Emacs ]
|   character: ٠(102585, #o310271, #x190b9)
|     charset: chinese-cns11643-1
| 	     (CNS11643 Plane 1 Chinese traditional: ISO-IR-171.)
|  code point: #x21 #x39
|      syntax: w 	which means: word
|    category: C:Chinese (Han) characters of 2-byte character sets c:Chinese
| 	     |:While filling, we can break a line at this character.
| buffer code: #x95 #xA1 #xB9
|   file code: #xE2 #x80 #x93 (encoded by coding system utf-8)
|     display: no font available

I am using emacs cvs. How would I go about solving that?



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