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Re: w3m, cookie and google scholar

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:

> BTW, could you write the ChangeLog entries by yourself?


  I am not good at English. I think you will do a better job. But if it is
  my duty to write one, here it is.

	* w3m-cookie.el (w3m-cookie-1-acceptable-p): accept cookie whose
          domain attribute is ".foo.barz.bar" from host "foo.barz.bar"

	* w3m-cookie.el (w3m-cookie-retrieve): send cookie whose domain
          attribute is ".foo.barz.bar" when requesting host "foo.barz.bar"


Ren Lifeng

P.S. I also have received a reply from w3m-dev-ctl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
but i can not read Japanese. I trust maintainers of emacs-w3m to do
anything they think right.