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release plan of emacs-w3m-1.5


Although many problems still remain in the current CVS version of
emacs-w3m, it is better than emacs-w3m-1.4.4.  It means that we should
start to discuss the release plan of the next official release of
emacs-w3m.  I think that it is called as emacs-w3m-1.5 because it
lacks support of ancient emacsen such as Emacs20, Emacs19 and Mule2.3.

Please notify open problems which should be resolved until relasing

The following is the Japanese translation of the above:

CVS 版に問題が残っているとしても,それでも,emacs-w3m-1.4.4 よりは良い
Emacs20, Emacs19, Mule2.3 といった古い Emacs のサポートが打ち切られてい
ますから,emacs-w3m-1.5 というバージョンになるのが自然かな,と思います.

そういうわけで,emacs-w3m-1.5 までに最低限解決されていて欲しいな,と思

土屋 雅稔 ( TSUCHIYA Masatoshi )