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Re: w3m - ASCII 160

Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> > When I used w3m 0.3.1, I didn't have this problem at all; w3m passed
> > the raw character back to xemacs, and it was drawn as expected. It may
> > only be in older versions that the display override was necessary, but
> > in any case, this problem seems to be either in w3m or in the
> > emacs-w3m options.
> You are right.  I got a good advice from Hideyuki SHIRAI
> <shirai (at) meadowy.org> personally that there are two improper
> values in the arguments passed to w3m in the case where XEmacs
> has no Mule feature.  That is, we guess you are using XEmacs
> without the Mule feature and the values of the variables
> `w3m-input-coding-system' and `w3m-output-coding-system' are
> both `iso-8859-1'.  If it is right, the problem should be fixed
> by evaluating the following form

Yes, that fixed the problem. Thank you very much for your help!

Ron Isaacson
Morgan Stanley
ron.isaacson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx / (212) 276-0268

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