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Re: Tab shuffling in emacs-w3m

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09265] Hideyuki SHIRAI wrote:

>> (defun w3m-tab-move-right (&optional n)

> Good!! but, I have something to add;

> (1) Please call w3m-select-buffer-update() after pack-numbers().

> (2) I think, this feature is effective in 'NO TAB' environment;
>  (defun w3m-tab-move-right (&optional n)
>    "Move this tab N times to the right (to the left if N is negative)."
>    (interactive "p")
>    (when (eq major-mode 'w3m-mode)
>      ...

> What do you think?

Agreed.  Thank you for the suggestions.  In addition, I'm going
to enable those command to be invoked by mouse.  For example:

(define-key w3m-tab-map [header-line C-mouse-5] 'w3m-tab-move-right)
(define-key w3m-tab-map [header-line C-mouse-4] 'w3m-tab-move-left)

Moreover, I'd like to make those commands (and also
`w3m-next-buffer' and `w3m-previous-buffer' invoked by mouse)
move the mouse position to the selected tab.  It might take time