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kill-ring-save and w3m-buffer

`kill-ring-save' sometimes fails with Emacs-w3m

M-x w3m-goto-url http://www.gnu.org/                                 
is displayed as

Location: http://www.gnu.org/                                 
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If second line is marked with keyboard

C-a C-<space> C-e

it's fine.

If the same is done with mouse, dragging from the
beginning to the end, keeping left mouse pressed, text
is highlighted and already in kill-ring too.

However, if I do then a "M-x w" (`kill-ring-save'), I
get an error:

=> The mark is not active now

That's irritating.

Too it doesn't occur with plain texts.

So maybe I'm right here with this message.

Thanks a lot writing Emacs-w3m.

Andreas Roehler