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Re: kill-ring-save and w3m-buffer

Am Montag, 2. Juli 2007 04:22 schrieb Katsumi Yamaoka:
> >>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09514] Andreas Röhler wrote:
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> > If the same is done with mouse, dragging from the
> > beginning to the end, keeping left mouse pressed, text
> > is highlighted and already in kill-ring too.
> >
> > However, if I do then a "M-x w" (`kill-ring-save'), I
> > get an error:
> => The mark is not active now
> I've fixed it in the emacs-w3m CVS trunk.  Thanks for reporting.
> The mark is normally deactivated when a Lisp function is executed,
> though there are many exceptions.  In that case, the function that
> makes a help-echo string is executed while dragging the mouse
> because of the links.  I've made that function bind the variable
> `deactivate-mark' to nil.
> (For the moment I don't know how to fix it in XEmacs as well.)
> Regards,


However, with cvs from this morning error isn't gone.

Administered everything in w3m.el to edebug:

Error occurred before any output from edebug was shown.

So maybe it's not a matter of Emacs-w3m, but of

In keyboard.c I read this:

| 		    /* FIXME: OTOH if the buffer position has changed
| 		       because of a timer or process filter rather than
| 		       because of mouse movement, it should be considered as
| 		       a click.  But mouse-drag-region completely ignores
| 		       this case and it hasn't caused any real problem, so
| 		       it's probably OK to ignore it as well.

Andreas Roehler