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Re: kill-ring-save and w3m-buffer

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09527] Andreas Röhler wrote:

> finally I got it. Thanks a lot.

Good to hear of it. :)

> Mistake was: I didn't byte-compile the file, so Emacs
> took the old elc.

> BTW: Neither `configure' nor `make' did work with
> cvs-sources. Maybe configure.in could be delivered with
> cvs too.

The configure script is not worth existing in the CVS repository
since it is big and we never modify it manually.  So, you have to
run autoconf by yourself in the directory in which there are
configure.in and aclocal.m4.

> Meanwhile everything works fine. I'll send the things I
> wrote for Emacs-w3m separatly.

Don't be too hard on us, please. ;-)