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Re: feature request

Hideyuki SHIRAI <shirai@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> OK. I changed format like "Text browser works on Emacs *w3m*<3>"
> if `w3m-use-title-buffer-name' is non-nil.

Perfect.  Thank you.

> If `w3m-use-header-line-title' is non-nil, display "Title:
> title" instead of "Location:URI".

The format of the header line is now as you describe it.  The only
problem now is that the Location:URI line is now at the top of the
buffer itself, just under the header, like this:

Title: title of page
 Location: http://www.example.com

Point stops at the beginning of the "Location" line indicating to me
that it is a part of the buffer and not a part of the header.

>> I did a cvs update this morning before applying the patch.  For some
>> reason, my .emacs-w3m file was not read on startup.  If there is
>> something I can do to help track this problem, please let me know and I
>> will see what I can do today or tonight.
> My emacs-w3m evaluate ~/.emacs-w3m without trouble. Someone is
> the same trouble?

I still have this issue.  Maybe someone else has seen this and can shed
some light.

Thanks again for all of your help,
Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@xxxxxxxxxxx

Consider well the proportions of things.  It is better to be a young June-bug
than an old bird of paradise.
		-- Mark Twain, "Pudd'nhead Wilson's Calendar"