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Re: w3m-session.el

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09834] Jose A. Ortega Ruiz wrote:

> Dear Katsumi Yamaoka,

> I wrote w3m-session.el just for fun, to learn, and because I needed it
> at the time. That puts no obligation on you at all, and I'm very happy
> to use the new session functionality in emacs-w3m (which, by the way, is
> my main browser). No worries :-) That said, I greatly appreciate your
> taking the time to write, and your politeness. Thanks a lot and, please,
> keep up your amazing work in emacs-w3m.

> Best regards,
> Jose

Thanks a lot for your kindhearted reply.  I'm glad to have heard of
being pleased with using emacs-w3m.  The development of emacs-w3m
is always open to people, and we highly appreciate suggestions of
improving emacs-w3m, particularly the ones from ones who are skillful
and have imaginative power like you.  So, please write to us at any
time any idea flashes into your brain.

Best regards,