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installation directory name containing space


I've improved the emacs-w3m installer so that it works for the
installation directory name that contains spaces and/or tabs.
Autoconf v2.60 or greater is required to generate the configure

A way to change the installation directory purposely is:

./configure --prefix='/home/yamaoka/Program Files' \
  --with-icondir='/home/yamaoka/Program Files/share/emacs/etc/images/w3m'

Then `make what-where' will show the directories as follows:

| lispdir=/home/yamaoka/Program Files/share/emacs/site-lisp/w3m
| ICONDIR=/home/yamaoka/Program Files/share/emacs/etc/images/w3m
| infodir=/home/yamaoka/Program Files/share/info
| install:
|   *.el, *.elc, ChangeLog* -> /home/yamaoka/Program Files/share/emacs/site-lisp/w3m/
|   *.info, *.info-*        -> /home/yamaoka/Program Files/share/info/
| install-icons:
|   *.gif, *.png, *.xpm     -> /home/yamaoka/Program Files/share/emacs/etc/images/w3m/
| install-info:
|   *.info, *.info-*        -> /home/yamaoka/Program Files/share/info/

Note that the default directory to which icon files are installed
is determined according to the value of the Lisp variable
`data-directory'.  It is normally the one in the system files
hierarchy, and the default value of `w3m-icon-directory' will be
set to it.  So, don't forget to modify its value if it is needed.