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Re: Antenna not working

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Has that happened recently?  Or hasn't it worked all the time?

It is not working right from the get go. I have only recently started
using emacs-w3m.

> This looks like the case where an incompatible byte-code is loaded.

Hum, this is freshly recompiled version of emacs-w3m. However, I did try
out the new merged version of Emacs- something might be interferring.

> If it is t, your Emacs has merged the Unicode-2 features.  And
> re-installing emacs-w3m will solve it.

It returns "nil". However, I do plan to upgrade fully to the merged
branch in a day or 2 and recompiled everything. I will report back as to
whether the problem is solved.


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