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Re: saving cookies without remembering to type Q

jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> DH> (add-hook 'kill-emacs-hook #'(lambda () (w3m-quit t)))
> Why can't cookie saving be done optionally in w3m-session.el?

w3m-session.el is meant for saving and restoring which web pages you are
visiting, so saving cookies is not w3m-session.el's feature. BTW, I
fixed emacs-w3m to call w3m-cookie-shutdown() when exiting emacs, so
cookies are saved without typing "Q".

> (I discovered this file in the message in the last second of emacs'
> life upon exit. Info doesn't mention it.)

I'm working on it. Thanks for your report.

> There also should be a key bound to a w3m-cookie-save-all-now
> function, so one needn't have to quit emacs-w3m just to save ones
> cookies.

I made w3m-cookie-save() interactive function. You can now do that by
M-x w3m-cookie-save.

> Also that way a person who usually doesn't want to save his cookies
> could save them occasionally.

I added new variable named w3m-cookie-save-cookies (default is t).  Such
people can now set this variable to nil, and type M-x w3m-cookie-save
when they want to do.

> Also there should be a function to save the cookies for the current
> site we are viewing, so one needn't drag along all the extra cookies
> that happen to be in use.

How do you think about adding new variable, named
"w3m-cookie-save-domains"? If this is nil, emacs-w3m save all cookies,
else emacs-w3m only save cookies whose domain match this variable. I
think this solution is better than calling such function in each buffer
he/her want to save cookies.

> As far as M-x w3m-cookie goes, it is not clear from its interface if
> it saves to file or not, etc.

I have no idea about how I can make it better. Any suggestions are
welcome. :)


Naohiro Aota