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w3m-delete-other-buffers is called two different name in menus

"C-c M-w (translated from C-c <escape> w) runs the command w3m-delete-other-buffers
It is bound to C-c M-w, <menu-bar> <w3m> <Session> <Close Other Sessions>."

However if one has more than one session, then it also shows up in
<menu-bar> <Tab> <Close Other Tabs>

Problem 1. Why doesn't C-h k C-c M-w mention this latter menu item,
even when one has more than one tab open?

Problem 2. Please call the same command by the same name. As <Close
Other sessions> is the same as <Close Other Tabs> apparently, please
pick one name and stick to it in the menus, lest the user think they
are two different things.