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Re: w3m-delete-other-buffers is called two different name in menus

jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> "C-c M-w (translated from C-c <escape> w) runs the command w3m-delete-other-buffers
> It is bound to C-c M-w, <menu-bar> <w3m> <Session> <Close Other Sessions>."
> However if one has more than one session, then it also shows up in
> <menu-bar> <Tab> <Close Other Tabs>
> Problem 1. Why doesn't C-h k C-c M-w mention this latter menu item,
> even when one has more than one tab open?

w3m-copy-buffer() is bounded C-c C-t, M-n, <tool-bar> <w3m-copy-buffer>,
<menu-bar> <w3m> <Session> <Make a Copy of This Session>, and <menu-bar>
<Tab> <Copy Tab>. But the last binding is not mentioned by C-h k C-c
C-t, so I think this is Emacs's bug.

> Problem 2. Please call the same command by the same name. As <Close
> Other sessions> is the same as <Close Other Tabs> apparently, please
> pick one name and stick to it in the menus, lest the user think they
> are two different things.

I agree. I also want to change this becuase we could confuse this
"session" with the same word used in w3m-session.el. But this is
difficult problem to handle. We have many functions using "session"
meanig "Tab" such as w3m-goto-url-new-session(), while we also have
w3m-session.el using "session" in different meaning. I think we need
some discussion about this.

For Japanese users:


- w3m-session.el のものをセッションと呼ぶ。

表示だけならば、 <menu-bar> <w3m> 以下のものを書きかえればすみますが、
w3m-goto-url-new-session() などの関数をどうすればいいでしょうか? こういっ

- いわゆる "Tab" をセッションと呼ぶ。

関数の書きかえは必要ではないですが、 w3m-session.el の「セッション」をな
んと呼べばよいのか思いつかない ^^;

;; session state とかは少し冗長かな?



Naohiro Aota